Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And Now, Crunch Time....

So, gang, you were advised over the 4th that -- to a bigger extent than usual -- the Vatican's Year-End fireworks for these shores were still to arrive, no?

Ergo, with the Cleveland Visitation having marked the first leg of the display, its next stage is apparently being moved into place...

...and looking elsewhere, Phils fans, multiple indications on the front remain that the End of Days is close at hand.

No, that's not The Rapture -- at least, unless our Ninth Archbishop wishes it so.

In that light, this scribe's taking these last hours to gather buzz and, frankly, my own thoughts before heading into the final stretch of a long, brutal spring... before we head into what's looking to be a Grand Finale, though, the friendly reminder's especially needed that these pages keep coming your way thanks to one thing above all -- namely, their readership's (that is, your) support.

While that word could well be aired far more often than it tends to be 'round here, suffice it to say, the double-whammy of covering Beatification Week from Rome, then last month's Plenary from Seattle -- and those on top of all the usual costs of running the shop -- have combined to make for what remains quite the hole.

Given that, but particularly with the travel bills on-deck, your generosity in helping toward keeping things afloat allows your narrator to keep the focus where it belongs... and given the torrent of news right now, that relief is worth its weight in gold.

To be sure, without fail, this makes for the most difficult part of the job... and above all, as ever, a world of thanks to everyone who can lend a hand with it:

To those who've already been so good as to be mindful of the budget these last few weeks, thanks a ton -- and please forgive the behind-the-scenes chaos that's kept me from acknowledging each as it deserves. After a wild, seemingly relentless five months, just know your kindness has made breathing a good bit easier in the last drag to the finish line.

And now, as they say, here goes nothin'....

More once it's nailed down -- as always, stay tuned.