Sunday, May 08, 2011

Thanks, Moms

Before we resume our regular programming after a needed "detox," this being Mother's Day here in the States, a word of heartfelt praise, love and thanks to all the Moms among this readership, to whom the rest of us literally owe our lives day in and day out, and in more ways than one.

Granted, we might not always show it, but it's always there, more than you'll ever know.

Hopefully all our Moms had a beautiful day and got showered with all the goodness they seek and deserve. At the same time, though, let us be especially mindful that there are Sorrowful Mothers among us -- our mothers who grieve loss, especially recent ones; our mothers who worry about where their own are headed; our mothers who struggle to keep their families together... and especially amid the context of recent years, our many heroic and impassioned mothers who've called this church to reflect ever better the face of the Mother's Son who cherished the little ones and, through her love of him, gave life to the world.

Just as much, let us remember those among us who, even across the years, feel the loss of their Moms (especially today), and those brilliant souls who care for our mothers who're sick or ill, whose service gives them the same love and care in their need that they've given us in ours.

And above all, as is traditional 'round here on this day, it's worth recalling that we traditionally speak of the church as "mother," in that she nourishes us, cares for us, gives us life, and that her love and compassion for her own knows no limit. Such is our time, however, that this understanding -- so sought and needed by more than we probably realize -- is often obscured, sometimes grievously so.

Yet whatever our gender, whatever our work, whether we give life biologically or simply spiritually, the mission of advancing that motherhood always and everywhere falls to each of us... because, as a wise man once said, "No matter what you do or where you go in your life, no one'll ever love you like your Mom." And in a broken world whose lack of love often manifests itself in no shortage of ways, may our mother's love to those who need it be evident always, and ever at the forefront of what we show forth.

To all our Moms -- physical, spiritual, and otherwise -- every thanks under the sun. God love you today and forever.