Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Great Commission

While most of the country -- and, indeed, the global church -- has the luxury of five more days to prepare for Ascension Day, in the part of this land that (at least, if the stats/scandals are any indicator) could arguably use the most reflection on the meaning of "Go and make disciples of all nations... and, behold, I am with you always," all of 48 hours remain to dwell on the Christ's Last Words on Earth, to say nothing of what they call His Own to take on -- and, candidly, make new -- in this challenging moment of our walk....

To be sure, Catholicism in the American Northeast is well known for being traditional, even to a fault. How well that approach has lately served its people, however, is a question best left for the historians -- at least, in the hope that the long-frame chronicle of things might prove itself happier than its "first draft" over recent decades.

That aside, though, regardless of whether we mark Easter's 40th Day at the weekend's start or its close, the force and value of The Day's Charge remains the same. Ergo, to sufficiently prep for it -- especially in those places where, candidly, its cry needs to be heard most of all, especially in these days -- whatever our place in the bunch, let its words in song be a reminder and, where needed, push for the lot of us......