Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Blessed Is In....

Strange as it may sound to some, admittedly, over these last days since getting back, this scribe has already heard of several intentions sent this way to be entrusted to Blessed John Paul II that have either come to pass, or produced sufficient evidence that they're being heard.

Suffice it to say, that's moving beyond words... and, well, the late Great's effect clearly holds sway on things even bigger than the weather.

Above all, though, to everyone who sent a word in to be remembered, just know that each and every one's remained much on your narrator's mind and heart. And along those lines, lest anyone else finds it useful, today starts the novena toward his 18 May birthday, so feel free to have at it.

How I would've loved to have taken any and everyone among this readership who wanted to be there along for the week... then again, this scribe can barely handle the bills for these pages -- beyond the usual stuff, the costs from these last days will seemingly take a while to pay off (and with another coverage-trip just ahead).

Anyways, regardless of time and space, if anyone out there could use the added bit of closeness to our newly-beatified Polish Pope, here's a snip of the 2am scene in St Peter's late on Beatification Night....

And as he genuinely seems to be picking up what's being sent his way, feel free to open it to full-screen, click in the HD, soak it up... and above all, send one up: