Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Arrivederci, Roma

Suffice it to say, church, lots to unpack... and, for once, the overweight suitcase ain't the half of it. Or, for that matter, anywhere close.

In the meanwhile, thanks for keeping close through these days, and just know that each and every intention sent this way was duly seen home... not to mention, for what it's worth, how they'll all kick around in mind and heart for long ahead. And for it all, just in case anyone thought that your very moving needs for health, hope, holiness, security and a better, clearer future weren't intense and memorable enough on their own, the exact same things just so happen to echo this scribe's own hopes, needs and longings, to boot.

Ergo, as ever, gang, never forget that we're all in this together.

More once sufficiently recovered from a double torrent and then some. In the meanwhile, though, to everyone who was so good to have given a kind word or taken a minute to say hi over these last days' pilgrimage, all thanks for your goodness... to be honest, though, your generosity rightly belongs to the many who've made this work possible over the years.

And along those lines, folks, just know that you did real good.

God love you lot forever... but for now, again, after a week as long as it's been memorable, more once your narrator's fully recharged.