Monday, April 25, 2011

Wilton Reflects

While it's fairly common for Stateside bishops to take to TV and radio over Holy Week and Easter to speak on the more traditional mysteries that mark these days, the figure who's arguably the US church's most compelling, effective, and even most beloved, major figure -- Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta -- gave an especially intriguing interview to the 404's NBC outlet, which aired earlier today.

The eminently-regarded president of the US bishops in the dark days of 2002 and Father of the "Dallas Charter," now head of a Georgia fold that's boomed over sixfold since 1990 to the threshold of a million members (its chancery just moved to a new suburban home three times its predecessor's size), the sit-down was especially notable in that it focused less on the Risen Lord than on Sweet Wilt....

...but, quite possibly, not without reason:

Not to speak out of school or anything, but with a certain wildfire of buzz already well ablaze in the backyard -- one that, indeed, has been registered even from points beyond -- to put it mildly, the above has the effect of dropping an oil tanker onto it.

Granted, Hotlanta is famous for being the birthplace of Coke... still, amid unique and exceptional circumstances present among us in these days, its main rival's best-known slogan can't help but come to mind.

And even if nothing comes of it, right now, that's a pretty widespread thought.