Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So, folks, with this morning's chair-shift now in the books, we now rejoin our previously-scheduled Passiontide, already in progress.

Lest anybody forgot, there are bigger fish to fry just ahead, and they're worth prepping for. Still, even though it'd be far easier and happier -- not to mention more optimally in keeping with tradition -- to just toss a violet veil over the page for the meanwhile, it's another reminder that with technology, you can only ever do so much.

Again, every blessing and gift of these graced days to one and all -- hope you're getting to soak 'em up for everything they're worth. And to those here who've been so good as to help keep these pages afloat of late, keep an eye out for a belated thanks/briefing/etc.... or, at least, as much as can be crammed into 3,000 words on a bum wrist.

God love you lot forever... and above all, as these 40 Days wend toward their peak, back to the beat's truly Big Stuff of the moment.