Saturday, April 02, 2011

"The Greatest Frontman"

Six years ago today, the world wept.

And for the first time since, church, it's Saturday again.... Now, though, it comes with quite a twist just ahead.

Sure, you've seen the famous shot -- a meeting of rockstars... and in its spirit, aided again by one of the culture's high priests, along with some editorial takes on the day, let this start us into what promises to be an emotional, beautiful month here on the beat in the run-up to May 1st... that is, "B-Day":

As we begin down this road, to be sure, many of this readership have memories of the man. So whether they're from near or far, whatever you've got on that end, feel free to send it (or them) this way -- to the degree they come in, they'll be a running feature on these pages through the month to come.

"Vi ho cercato... e adesso, siete venuti a me. E vi ringrazio."

And, well, Wujek, we're coming back.

Blessed John Paul II, pray for us.

CARTOON: Signe Wilkinson/Philadelphia Daily News