Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Good Tuesday mornin', church -- gratefully, today's Bollettino's clear on the chessboard front... and unless you're after one or another distraction of little significance, the immediate news-cycle's suddenly looking quieter than it has in a good while.

Suffice it to say, whew.

That couldn't come at a better time... and along those lines, two programming notes: for the short-term, this scribe's wrist is acting up, so anything that'd keep it from getting back to snuff will have to wait. And for the slightly longer-term, with an eye to the Biggest Story on-deck for us all -- indeed, something even The Beatification can't eclipse -- expect, at best, light posting straight through til Holy Week (well, barring an announcement or two not yet fit to print).

In the meanwhile, for one thing, there's a mini-mountain on the desk of two months' worth of things to reply to and cycle out (or, as ever, try to). But above all, gang, while most of the news of recent weeks has been eerily fitting for Lent, the intensity of keeping after it hasn't made for the most fruitful walk through these 40 Days on the spiritual side... and, well, I've got my work cut out for me on that account. Just as much, as the days ramp quickly toward Passiontide, they call us all to detach even more from the day-to-day, that we can focus more clearly on and prepare even better for what's to come... because on this beat, it's what matters most.

In that spirit, hope your journey's going great and, already, been even more than you set out for. And just in case there's anyone else likewise in need of a late-Lent cramming session, luckily we've still got time... not too much of it, though. (For whatever reason, this one really feels like it flew.)

All that said -- and with the wrist starting to flare up -- God love you lot today and forever, and every blessing and grace of these days ahead.