Thursday, March 17, 2011

So, folks, knowing well what most of you really want to hear about, suffice it to say, the brief's getting cranked out... and some other added goodies, to boot.

Sometimes, see, it just takes a little more settling to get the threads in their place.

In the meanwhile, though, just a quick and, as ever, insufficient word of thanks to everyone who's chipped in these last days to help keep these pages afloat and coming your way, and just as much for all the moral and spiritual support so many of you have been so generous to send along.

As the former goes, with the bill for a 4,000-minute phone month soon to arrive, not to mention all the usual odds and ends that add up too quickly, every bit has been a huge help and goes a longer ways than you might think. And when it comes to the life of this church, the gift of communion across time, space and local challenges has been our great comfort, treasure and strength for going on 2,000 years. To be reminded of it in these days, and powerfully so, is to know hope for the road ahead, and no words could say enough thanks for that.

As ever, much more could be said... but the days have almost been too long to think, and given the nature of news, the talking is best left to the covered.

Again, though, all thanks and then some to everyone who's lent a hand to get things through to another day, and hopefully a bit longer. And above all, hope your Lent's off to a great and fruitful start.

And, well, back to it.