Thursday, March 31, 2011

On Opening Day, High Hopes....

Well, church, even if our "40-day Spring Training" is just reaching the bottom of the 3rd, for many of us, this Thursday sees life's definitive return to the world.

For the 142nd time (or thereabout), hope springs anew far and wide just after 1pm Eastern with the first pitch of Opening Day -- thanks be to God, the radiant dawn of another season of baseball... and at long last, the end of the five-month "void" that marks many of the journeys among us.

Like most of The Show, as the River City's first turn on the field won't come til tomorrow, more later. In the meanwhile, though, it's worth recalling the one virtue that, even for Mets fans, marks this day more than any other -- and something that all of us, ballfans and not, can use along the road of Lent.....

Ergo, Harry, sing us in:

Whatever your home-team's outlook for the next 162, God love you lot this Opening Day and forever... and gratefully, finally -- after another brutal winter -- Play Ball.