Friday, March 11, 2011

Before we go any further, a little added Lenten penance for the lot of us....

See, it is Friday after all.

Lest anyone forgot how these pages keep afloat, as it's always been 'round here, the daily feed comes your way only by means of your support... and given the never-ending crush of bills, suffice it to say, such is the budget these days that the reminder's a needed one.

As if things weren't already tough enough.

To be sure, folks, this last month has felt far more like a year -- and that's just on a personal level. Professionally, the order of the days has been unlike anything this scribe has ever experienced, nor ever thought -- indeed, dreaded -- would come to pass.

Judging by the uptick of traffic, it would seem that the coverage has been of use out there. Still, just know that, behind the posts, all of it comes with a very heavy heart... and one that, behind the scenes, is doing its best to keep the rest here confirmed, hopeful, and somewhat buoyed up -- they've given too much, loved too much, done too much good to have to endure this.

To be sure, much of the strength and hope to get through amid all this has come from the notes and prayers so many of you have sent over these weeks. On behalf of the many folks in this town who've gotten a lift on hearing that the clan beyond hasn't left us alone before the Cross and is keeping us in mind and heart, no words can say enough thanks. And closest to home, your narrator's been kept vertical and sane (well, somewhat) thanks to the time, love, and support of no less than a team from near and far. To them -- and you know who you are -- I owe you more than you will ever know. You know that already, but it needed to be said publicly.

Above all else, please keep this place and all of us in it in your prayers -- beyond the many emotions of these days, whatever happens from here, the work ahead is massive and promises to be more daunting than anything we have ever known. And for those who can lend a hand to keep this work up and running, with all thanks in advance, the future's in your hands....

Again, church, the feed can't keep coming without you... and, well, surreal as it is -- brutal as it's been these days -- back to it.

Hope all's better on your end and your Lent's off to a graced and peaceful start. And with its first weekend upon us, a Blessed Friday and First Sunday to one and all.