Sunday, February 27, 2011

"We Start Down This Path Because We Have Found Jesus... or, Better, Because Jesus Has Found Us"

No texts having emerged, here below you'll find fullaudio of the "two homilies for the price of one" from today's Mass of Transition marking the handover of the archbishopric of Los Angeles.

Going in reverse order, first, the post-Communion remarks of the new head of the nation's largest local church, Archbishop José Gomez...

...and on his 75th birthday, closing out a transformative quarter-century as chief shepherd of his native diocese, Cardinal Roger Mahony's final preach from the cathedra, which introduced the Rite of Transition:

Of course, as solemn -- and final -- as today's rites were, the transfer of power doesn't become official until B16 formally accepts Mahony's resignation under the provisions of Canon 401, paragraph 1.

The Vatican sign-off is expected to come early this week.

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