Thursday, November 25, 2010

American Feasts

Among other things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving: just a little over two weeks now 'til the Stateside church's Biggest Night returns.

Lest anyone forgot, it ain't Christmas.

(For the record, the above clip was filmed at about 5am last year... in Walla Walla, Washington.)

* * *
In the meantime, having gotten through yet another of the church-beat's more manic cycles in memory, the November Sprint has reached its close (whew) -- and with it, no better time could come for the annual American shot of family, football, turkey (and tryptophan) that is Thanksgiving.

By now, no shortage of this readership has seemingly hit the road. To everyone still around, though, every wish for a blessed holiday and long weekend, filled with all the rest, warmth and goodness there is under the sun, and whatever else you're looking to enjoy over the days ahead.

Above all, to one and all, thank you -- for all you are and all you do "out there," for making these pages part of your days along the way... and, to what feels like no end, blessing this scribe with the gifts of your friendship, wisdom, goodness and example in as many ways as there are the number of you.

Through the wild ride of these years, gang, that's been and remains a gift beyond all price -- one that, most of the time, feels impossible to sufficiently live up to. But even for everything this spirit of closeness has done to keep things encouraged and moving 'round here -- fits, flaws, foibles and all -- at the heart of things, it's been, it is, more still: a lifetime's worth of grace... and no words could ever say thanks enough for that: thanks to you and, indeed, thanks to God for the gift of you.

God love you lot forever -- and, again, a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving, and safe travels to those on the road.

All that said, it's been a long fortnight, church... time to crash.