Monday, October 11, 2010

"Io Sono Giuseppe, Vostro Fratello"

For those far afield, here in the States, this second Monday in October is, as ever, Columbus Day -- officially a commemoration of the European discovery of the continent... yet in practice, far more a celebration of all things Italian-American.

In some locales, special Masses offered in Italian are still celebrated to mark the day. Barring video of one of those, though, perhaps it's fitting that this just hit the wire -- fresh off his ordination Saturday in St Peter's, the first homily of the new secretary of the Vatican's "Congregation for Religious," Archbishop Joseph Tobin CssR, delivered last night at his Thanksgiving Mass in the Redemptorists' mother-church of St Alphonsus on Via Merulana.

More to come on the weekend festivities for the Detroit native... for now, though, a special Columbus Day treat: