Thursday, October 28, 2010

On Election Eve, Here Comes the Judge

As he prepares to don the scarlet of the papal "Senate," hours after B16's announcement of his name among 24 new princes of the church who'll be elevated next month, the Holy See's Wisconsin-born "chief justice," Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke, recorded the following amicus brief in light of Tuesday's midterm elections:

The comments have already been applauded in an editorial of the Washington Times... and if history holds, response from Wuerl coming in 5... 4... 3....

SVILUPPO: Indeed, there's more; the following segment -- featuring Burke on same-sex marriage -- is floating around...

...and Catholic Action for Faith and Family -- the group which conducted the interview with the cardinal-designate -- has posted fullvideo of the 25-minute session.

The complete interview will be shown three times over the pre-election weekend by EWTN; in a release on the airing, the network said the sit-down "may be the most important program Catholics will see prior to the Nov. 2 election."