Monday, September 27, 2010

On Anglicanorum, the Delegate Speaks

Making his first comments on his freshly-announced appointment as the US church's delegate for Anglicanorum coetibus -- Pope Benedict's controversial initiative to facilitate "corporate union" with groups of Anglicans who seek out full communion with the Holy See -- Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington spoke earlier tonight with "Currents," the nightly-news program of the Brooklyn diocese's NET (New Evangelization Television).

Normally, on-demand video of the chat wouldn't be available 'til tomorrow... yet given the high level of interest in the story, through the wonders of technology, here it is for this readership, right now:

Full disclosure: your narrator's a frequent contributor to "Currents" and NET's news team, as evidenced most recently during last week's UK PopeTrip.