Friday, August 20, 2010

In the Capital, Olympus "Monz"

And now, a U-turn back up the Turnpike....

Of course, Wednesday saw the installation (fullvid) of Bishop Joe McFadden -- beloved ballcoach and teacher, friend to the masses and all-around "people's prelate" -- in Harrisburg... and lest anyone doubted the impact of the loss on the hometown crowd, several members of the over 200-strong River City cortege were spotted weeping at one or another point during the two-day festivities.

In the run-up to the capital rites, one plank of the 63 year-old prelate's intro message that resounded loud and clear was McFadden's observation that, though he might've formally traded the court for the collar 35 years ago (after an undefeated season at West Catholic), in a way, he "never stopped coaching." And sure enough, as the various parts of the Last Krolite's considerable orbit converged, asking each other how they got to know "Joey Bishop," one reply easily trumped the rest: "Big East Tournament."

That said, in his first turn as an ecclesial head coach, the Midstate church's new chief won plaudits for a solid opening "pep talk" (fulltext), so much so that another well-accomplished church-scout observed afterward that, in his hearing, "it may have been the greatest vocation talk, all time. Heroic is an understatement. Any young man considering a vocation to priesthood needs to see and hear that homily."

Given such fulsome praise, here's the preach in fullvid...

As ever, all thanks to our friends at CatholicTV for making the grab possible.

As it all made for an eventful time, more recap later. In the meantime, to one and all, here's to a blessed, restful and all-around Happy Weekend.

PHOTO: Paul Kuehnel/York Daily Record