Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Testing, testing....

OK, looks like everything’s still working.


* * *
Apologies for the long silence, gang -- as it's turned out, mentally unpacking three months of relentless rapid-fire (both on the page and behind it) has taken a bit more time than expected... and for the first time in a good while, it’s been a gift to return, however fleetingly, to a life that doesn’t require waking up before Roman Noon (read: 6am), six (sometimes seven) days a week.

(Being anything but a "morning person" by nature, that’s been the toughest part of this work... well, after the whole keeping afloat bit... to say nothing of keeping up a semi-decent batting average.)

That said, thanks to everyone who’s written in to ask if everything’s OK; at long last, it’s actually great -- temper and all, Boss is keeping on relatively strong and, on the whole, things are way better than they were as your narrator was dragging himself to the finish line a couple weeks back. Still, given the intensity of the decompress -- and, admittedly, everything that still has to be caught up with -- starting up again is gonna take a bit more time, pacing and prayer on this end, even amid the traditional summer slow-down mode (which, to be honest, still has yet to see a Shore jaunt).

As ever, friends, grazie mille for your kindness, indulgence, support and patience -- put simply, these are the rare, blessed days when I can get on top of all the many (non-beat) things that tend to be left hanging the other ten months of the year. Sure, that might be an occupational hazard... but even so, this scribe could never have wished for a better place to be, nor a better crowd to share the ride with.

Above all, church, hope you’re enjoying your summer, and as some things never change, please forgive everything that’s fallen through the cracks. Back at it in due course -- in time for the Circuit’s unusually-heavy August tour, Midsummer Classic and all.

God love you lot, thanks for everything and hope everything’s restful, peaceful and downright beautiful on your end. As always, stay tuned... but for once, just a bit longer than usual.