Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Appointed Time

So, folks, time to rev up again... Most Rev. up, actually.

Still, you get the idea.

Off to Trenton in a few to prep for tomorrow’s “O”-rdination -- which, as one of the locals put it, is already proving to be “bigger than when Mother Teresa” came to Jersey's capital. In the meanwhile, though, just wanted to send up a word of thanks for your patience and indulgence these last weeks -- in the finest, richest sense of the word, it’s been a kairos moment behind the scenes... yet, wonderful as these are, they tend to not mix so well with news-cycles, e.mails, more PR feats of greatness across the Tiber, etc.

Then again, some things are more important.

Suffice it to say, it’s good to be back, and a month taking inventory has changed things for the better. So, well, let’s do it.

More from the other side of the river in a bit... for now, though, Msgr Beeker, have at it:

Hope the lazy days are treating you great, gang. Soak ‘em up for all they’re worth.