Thursday, June 10, 2010

Joy in Hawkland

And so, after the longest standing Stanley Cup drought in hockey -- 49 years -- the Chicago Blackhawks bested the hometown Flyers 3-2 last night to claim American sport's most venerable prize, its roots dating to 1888.

While the Hawks' overtime goal in Game 6 capped an unexpectedly long playoff run for the Orange and Black, the River City fans admittedly wouldn't let the night end without another nationally-televised embarrassment, the Center crowd staying for the Cup ceremony to boo the new champs.

Come to think about it, much of the Catholic conversation isn't terribly different these days. But in the name of good sportsmanship -- and, indeed, good churchmanship -- here below is the victory statement from these pages' senior hockey analyst, lifelong Hawks fan and, indeed, the Holy Goalie himself, incoming Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield in Illinois:
The Stanley Cup is coming to Chicago for the first time since 1961! I can now leave Chicago to go to Springfield secure in the knowledge that the 49 year drought has been ended and this dream has been fulfilled.

There's a sign at the ice rink where I play hockey that reads, "If you lose, say little. If you win, say less." So I will simply say congratulations to all my friends in the Chicago Blackhawks organization on achieving this goal and I commend the Philadelphia Flyers on playing a hard-fought series.
And while we're at it, a recent Chicagoland TV package on the 57 year-old prelate, following him to both the altar and the ice:

As previously mentioned, "His Goalieness" will be installed in Illinois' capital on June 22nd.

No word yet on whether the sacred hardware's been confirmed to preside in choir.