Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Home Stretch

Two matrix-shifting moves? (With a third on-deck?) Check.

Abuse meltdown? Check.

Recognitio? Check.

"Earthquake" at Overbrook? Check.

Controversies galore? Zzzzzz....

Road swings? Two down, one to go.

A lot to catch up on? Oh yeah.

It's been quite the spring, folks -- indeed, the most frantic news-cycle these pages have ever seen... and behind the page, a pretty wild life-cycle, to boot. (Three flyouts in a month can do that to you.)

Now, with summer finally at hand, the cleanup and clear-out begins -- both here at the desk and on the wider scene, where some last movements are still to come shortly, and much else still has to be noted, however belatedly.

More on that in due course, but for now, just wanted to say thanks for hanging in there and apologies for the lulls -- and especially for the backlog of mail and so much else that needs to be tackled. It's been a good while, but we'll have a "Back Page" running at some point before the week's out -- and a very full one at that -- so feel free to send whatever questions you may have in advance (because, honestly, it beats rummaging for answers in real-time).

More here soon, but today's top order of business is getting a note to you generous folks who keep the shop afloat. Admittedly, it's been a while since you got your last briefing, but this one will bring some strange but happy news. As ever, thanks a million for keeping things plugging along here -- it's been a brutal cycle workwise, but every day's still been more fun than you could ever imagine.

To one and all, hope everything's great where you are and you're getting to enjoy a first taste of the joys of summer.... God love you lot forever -- more soon, so as always... well, you know the rest.