Tuesday, June 22, 2010

He Shoots, He Scores... He Sings: In Springfield, the "Holy Goalie's" Season-Opener

This feast of the saintly patron of lawyers been an unsually good one for bishop-barristers: for the first time in a native, Pharaohtown can boast of one... and at this hour, the bench’s top hand on legal matters has formally taken up his new net.

Of course, he’s become well known as the “Holy Goalie,” but Bishop Tom Paprocki’s exploits on the ice (commemorated in the lower-right quadrant of his arms) can easily mask a sharpness of mind, creativity of spirit and eagerness to engage that promise to make the Chicago native’s assignment as head of the church in Illinois’ capital one to watch far beyond the Land of Lincoln.

Before an overflow crowd of 1,100 in Springfield’s freshly-restored Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception led by family, clergy, civic officials and, indeed, a delegation from his beloved Blackhawks (but, alas, sans the Cup), Papo’s being installed this afternoon as the west-state diocese’s ninth ordinary.

While video of it will soon emerge, the homily’s end featured a flash of the 57 year-old prelate's unique pastoral style.... In the meanwhile, though, here's the text in full:

For all the rest -- texts, worship-aids and (as they emerge) videos from last night's Vespers and today's Mass -- the Springfield church has a portal up and running.

SVILUPPO: And here, the preach's memorable sung close....