Monday, June 14, 2010

CU Tomorrow

According to late word from DC, tomorrow morning will bring the announcement of the next president of the Catholic University of America.

A 10am presser has been called to reveal the 15th chief of the Stateside church's official institute of higher education, who'll succeed the freshly-named coadjutor of Trenton, Bishop-elect David O'Connell CM.

Last week, the AmericanPapist blog reported the two final candidates for the post as Jim Towey, a former US lawyer for Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity and White House official, currently the departing president of St Vincent's College in Latrobe, and John Garvey, dean of Boston College's Law School.

As previously noted, a confirmation vote was expected to take place during last week's meeting of Catholic's board of trustees, following which (given CU's status as a pontifical institute) the choice would have required the confirmation of the Holy See before an announcement could be made.

Chartered by Pope Leo XIII in 1887 at the behest of the American bishops, the university now counts close to 7,000 students spread across 12 graduate and undergraduate schools.

As ever, more as it emerges.

SVILUPPO (6pm ET): In a just-filed brief for NCR, Michael Sean Winters reports that the presidency goes to Garvey.

PHOTO: McMahon Hall, The Catholic University of America, Washington