Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Clearing the Desk

So, folks, having spent 21 days of the last month either writing or speaking on the road, your narrator's finally home again... with a piled-up backlog of mail, calls, etc. to clear through.

Or, as ever, try to.

With the CUA nod now done, the bench still on retreat, the Appointment Machine temporarily ground to a halt -- and the rest of the scene keeping fairly quiet, too -- the top line right now belongs to handling all this.

Don't worry, things'll rev up again soon -- next week sees the beginning of Rome's "last blast" before the summer exodus as the dicasteries hold their final meetings of the Vatican year, and the tens of thousands of prelates and pilgrims alike start to converge for the month's-end celebrations of Saints Peter and Paul, when B16 will confer the pallium (video) upon the world's new archbishops named within the last year... and, per usual, whatever else goes down.

In the meanwhile, gang, hang tight, thanks as ever for your patience... and, well, welcome to the longest days of the year -- enjoy 'em.

More as events provide. As always, stay tuned.