Thursday, June 24, 2010

Airport Out, Oratory In

And as expected, so much for Coventry Airport.

Following this week's dry-run by the Vatican advance team to coordinate plans for B16's 16-19 September UK trip, the Catholic Herald's Anna Arco reports that the 200,000-capacity site touted as recently as last week as the venue for the beatification of John Henry Newman has been ditched in favor of Birmingham's Cofton Park, which early estimates say can fit 80,000 for the PopeTrip's climactic Sunday Eucharist.

Additionally, at the pontiff's own insistence, a private stop at Newman's rooms in the Birmingham Oratory has been worked into the plans.

While word across the Pond spoke of a degree of reticence over a papal trip to the Oratory given recent reports of discord in the community there, just further proof that whatever Benedict wants, he gets.