Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One today... more tomorrow.

Back at it, gang.

SVILUPPO (5.45pm): Alright... so the mill reports, the Lafayette choice is "not a bishop" and hails from out-of-state.

As for the rest, folks, at a moment like this it's particularly worthwhile to let up a bit. See, unlike when a bishop (i.e. a "public citizen" well used to the talk) is moved, for a priest being elevated, these last hours are a needed last chance of peace before his life changes forever, and almost in an instant, what feels like the whole world comes out of the woodwork.

In a nutshell, that's something worth honoring; it's long been a rule here, for all the best of reasons... seriously, relax -- it'll be public soon enough.

For tonight, just give the guy what everyone in his position could use most: the favor of your patience and the kindness of your prayers... and for all the rest, see you at 6.