Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And so, church, in the words of the hymn to be sung during the canonical rite of welcome, "This is the day...."

As some didn't see it the first time and have asked where they can catch today's LA Mass of Reception, the livestream will be watchable right here on the main page -- come back around 1.30 Pacific (4.30 Eastern, 1830GMT), and the embed box will be up and running for your viewing pleasure.

In the meanwhile, for those who'd like an early look at what'll ensue, the worship aid is posted... nothing you didn't already know, though.

And now, off to the races.

SVILUPPO (11.30am PT): Another of those "can't see on TV" moments: coming down in an elevator, the doors open... to reveal the "Grand Inquisitor" of the Holy Roman Church.

The traditional pre-Mass lunch has begun for the bishops and the healthy delegation of 100 or so clergy and laity come from San Antonio. And on a related note, as soon as tomorrow, the lounge buzz is anticipating the appointment of the bench's youngest member -- the 43 year-old auxiliary Oscar CantĂș -- as apostolic administrator of the 700,000-member Alamotown church, with full powers of the ordinary pending the appointment of its sixth archbishop.

Again, the livestream'll appear here at 1.30... and for all the rest, as always, stay tuned.