Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Opening Shots

Stay tuned for the promised on-demand video, but for now, a money quote from Bishop Tom Paprocki's introductory remarks (fulltext) in Springfield:
Before I open the floor to questions, there are a couple of other things you should know about me. One, I am a marathon runner. I have run sixteen marathons since 1995. As I marathon runner I have developed a sense of endurance and a commitment to going the distance. So you may see me from time to time literally running around town. Of course, I won’t be dressed like this, but you’ll recognize me by the SOX cap that I’ll be wearing. Second, my favorite sport is hockey. I still play hockey. I am a goalie. My nickname is, the “Holy Goalie.” If you’re trying to figure out how my mind works, you should know that most hockey players say that goalies are different. I get enjoyment from standing in front of a hockey net and having people shoot pucks at me at 100 miles per hour. I am used to taking shots. With that in mind, I will now take your questions!
Again, Papo'll be installed in Illinois' capital on the 22 June feast of the English martyrs Ss Thomas More and John Fisher -- the "patrons of faithful citizenship."

Meanwhile, on this Tuesday's main stage, Archbishop-elect Tom Wenski (right) has sent English and Spanish video messages to the folks in Orlando... and with his Miami presser feed pending, the following part of a letter retiring Archbishop John Favalora sent his priests early today explains the "why" behind how this morning's unique result shook out:
In the fall of 2008 I began the process of preparing for my successor. It was becoming more and more evident to me that the complexity of the Archdiocese warranted consideration for a coadjutor. Our diverse cultural mix, our many international relations and interactions because of our immigrant component as well as our many pastoral and financial challenges would seem to indicate that time to understudy would be very helpful to the next Archbishop. It would be good for him to be involved with the decisions that will affect his tenure.

I received permission to seek a coadjutor at the end of 2008 and the official process bean in late spring 2009. By March of 2010, I learned of the Holy Father’s selection. Immediately, it became evident to me that our new Archbishop did not need the time to understudy; he already had many more years of active ministry here than I do. There was no practical reason to delay his appointment until December.

It was my judgment that the needs and well-being of the Archdiocese would be better served by an earlier transition. Upon my request, I was permitted to tender my resignation and I receive the Holy Father’s blessing in accord with canon 401, § 2. While I reiterate that I still enjoy good health, I also recognize that I no longer have the stamina and spirit of earlier years. Moreover, I recognize that the current challenges facing the Archdiocese now could benefit from new eyes and fresh insights and energies. Archbishop Wenski, I believe, will bring these and so many more gifts to this Office. He will lead us very well.
SVILUPPO: And here, in a mix of English, español and Kreyole, longvid from this morning's Miami presser: