Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Monday... an hour into the Season... and already, church, the house's 11th Commandment -- namely, "Thou shalt not work while the Phils play" -- has been violated.

But not, it seems, without reason.

In tribute to their largesse in keeping the shop afloat -- and, ergo, keeping these pages coming your way -- the First Word of anything significant to break will go to the donors.

So those who haven't already joined up might want to remember the guitar case....

Suffice it to say, as if there weren't enough bills to handle as-is, your support's especially needed when the phone's burning up.

As some have asked, there is an, er, extraordinary form for hand-lending -- snail-mail donations can be sent to PO Box 63890, Philadelphia PA 19147-7890. Checks can be made out to the narrator -- given the full-plate the news makes for, "Whispers Inc." remains a project for another day.

Those going the paper route, please send your e.mail address along for the mailing list -- and above all, as ever, all thanks in advance and then some.

Especially to those recovering from the Triduum Stakes, hope you're getting a peaceful and beautiful start to the Seasons of new life.

More as it develops, but in the meanwhile, God love you lot forever, thanks for keeping it here -- as always, stay tuned... and, well, back to it.