Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Post-"Hurricane" Forecast

Early yesterday, the matrix shifted again as -- for the second time in as many weeks -- Benedict XVI made another dramatic move on the leadership stage of the nation's largest religious group.

Still, as Archbishop-designate Tom Wenski could see the better part of two decades consolidating his hometown's ascent into the top rank of the ecclesial stratosphere (on top of rebuilding Haiti and freeing Cuba), a broader look at what's in store for the church in Miami -- and, indeed, points far beyond -- can hang for a bit.

After the shop's most intense news-month in five years, as previously noted, your pages are returning to their previously-interruped breather. Sure, it's always all too easy to keep mulling over and moving with "one more," but with enough else piled up behind the scenes that it's looking like a scene out of "Hoarders," it's all gotta get handled sometime.

That said, a full plate's on-deck for next week -- ordinations in Scranton, Ogdensburg and the twin auxiliaries in Dallas... whatever else might hit the fan... and, quite possibly, one more thing that might shake up the lay of the land just a bit.

As ever, thanks for reading (and keeping the lights on), hope everything's great on your end and, above all, every apology under the sun for every missed or unacknowledged anything that's crossed the desk over these fascinating, brutal weeks; hopefully there'll be far fewer of those after the next couple days.

More soon... your prayers, please... and as the rest goes, for once, what if we just said "wait"?

We live in interesting times, church, so enjoy 'em. God love you lot forever, and for all the fun stuff, as always, stay tuned.

PHOTO: Getty