Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Home Stretch

Mornin, gang... up and at 'em?

Lest anyone was unaware, you're getting the best these pages can muster these days -- five years along, and this month's been the most chaotic, relentless, intense marathon of news this scribe's ever had to plow through... and once today's out, hopefully no one minds that the shop will be taking a Nice. Long. Breather.

At least, 'til the next round of fireworks goes off, seemingly late next week.

Indeed, a recharge and back-office clean-up was supposed to happen last week... but once The Boss was rushed to the hospital with double pneumonia within 24 hours of that sign-off, well, there went the plans, and any designs of down-time. Luckily, she was released over the weekend, but it's still fits and starts, so your prayers, please -- can't beg 'em enough.

That said, to all the many folks who've written or lent a hand and are still waiting for a reply or thank-you, all apologies and then some -- suffice it to say, there's a lot where that came from, just as much unwittingly fallen through the cracks, and having but one pair of hands (and, candidly, two blown-out wrists) to tackle it all, please just know I'm doing whatever I can whenever I can, and in the meanwhile, hope you can understand.

And now -- well, soon -- off to the races... God love you lot, and a Happy Tuesday to one and all.