Thursday, April 01, 2010


And so, church, here we are -- Holy Thursday.

As if the Week hasn't been full enough already, it's another late-niter in the office -- the Pope's Chrism Mass in St Peter's begins at 9.30 Rome time (0730GMT, 3.30am Eastern); the worship aid's up... and, as ever, EWTN's got the vidstream.

Of course, given the morning rite's particular significance as the unique moment that -- as B16 noted at yesterday's General Audience -- "brings together presbyterates with their bishops" (and particularly given the Vatican's Year for Priests) the question bears particular repeating... What will he say?

For the answer, as it emerges, stay tuned.

Looking beyond, schedules, aids and streams for the pontiff's Triduum rites are likewise available... and for anyone keen on a head-start for Good Friday, the text of this year's traditional evening Via Crucis at the Colosseum -- this time composed by the retired papal vicar for Rome, Cardinal Camillo Ruini -- is also freshly posted.

* * *
All that said, it bears reminding that -- contrary to popular impression -- Lent officially draws to its close prior to tonight's Mass of the Lord's Supper.

Ergo, for this last of these 40 Days, one last meditation on this year's Lenten chorus, performed by the alto Virginia Warnken and the orchestra of New York's Trinity Church:

Especially in these most sacred days, gang, "let us love one another"... and, regardless of their backdrop this time around, may each of us be graced to live, pray and experience this Triduum for everything it's worth.

Every blessing and gift of our Redemption to one and all.

PHOTO: Marcin Mazur/Westminster Cathedral