Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Things Above....

Whatever your feelings on the health-care vote -- or any of the other things floating about -- come away and be still, church... at least, just for a moment.

It might not be Friday just yet, see, but we've got bigger Lenten fish to fry right now.

Lest anybody forgot -- and hard as it is to believe -- Holy Week is quickly upon us; already, but ten days stand between this writing and Good Friday noon... so against the backdrop of Passiontide, it's worth making an early return to these pages' Friday Chorus through this year's 40 Days as another Lent's journey hurtles into its home-stretch.

Ergo, from a December performance at New York's Trinity Church on Wall Street, the alto Virginia Warnken's sterling rendition of "He Was Despis├ęd and Rejected" from Handel's Messiah.

On a big-picture note, it'd be a great gift to share a Catholic parish's tech-and-music outreach of a caliber even approaching the Gotham landmark... we'd just be here 'til Trinity Sunday in the hopes of seeking one out -- unless, of course (hint, hint), anyone's keen to take on the task and enrich us all mightily as a result.

And while we're at it, lest anyone's seeking out further Passiontide listening, last week Trinity Choir likewise performed Bach's St John Passion, the text traditionally reserved for the Good Friday liturgy.

Again, every blessing of these days to one and all... hope they're going great on your end.