Saturday, March 13, 2010

Liturgical colors ("Pepto Papa") aside, folks, Happy Saturday from Monsoonville: no rosy skies and several inches of rain here today, with tropical-force winds....

Laetarain, perhaps? Whatever the case, it beats the snow by miles.

On a housekeeping note, those of you who've helped these pages keep afloat these last few months might want to keep an eye on the inbox later today -- you're in for a sweet sneak peek. (And those of you who've lent a hand by snail-mail, please send an e.mail address so the first dibs get your way, too -- it's your perk just the same....)

Hope you're all safe, dry and relaxing wherever you are... either way, God love ya, enjoy the Pink and, no lie, get ready to howl.

SVILUPPO: Alright, so the notes are out... and, again, those who didn't get yours, just send word.

As some folks have only seen half the centerpiece shot, try either saving it to your drive or double-clicking it to open the whole thing.

And from there, well, knock yourself out.

That said, it's been a long day and a crazy week... and now, at last, a day of rest. At least, of sorts.

Buona domenica, gang.

PHOTO: Getty