Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quote of the Day

Last evening at the vespers at the cathedral, I spoke of the grandeur of the cathedral church and of our actions then and, now, today.

Our church, indeed, has a triumphant face. But such triumph is but drama and theater if we do not embody, day in and day out, year in and year out, our witness to the poor and vulnerable in our midst: to the vulnerable unborn, to children and youth who turn to us for formation, to the hungry, to the homeless -- the abused, the immigrant, the stranger and the powerless.

So long as our witness to them is powerful and prophetic, our triumphant song and liturgy is pleasing to God.... If the preaching of the Gospel is my preeminent obligation, may it be most visible in our service, together, to the poor.
--Most Rev. William Francis Medley
Fourth Bishop of Owensboro
Concluding Remarks, Mass of Ordination
10 February 2009

* * *
To be sure, that wasn't the only money quote to spring from the homegrown Kentucky pastor....

Noting the rite's pointed provision that a newly-ordained bishop may give "brief remarks" at his ordination's close, Medley said he asked a friend for advice on what he should say.

The response from retired Louisville Archbishop Tom Kelly: "Bill, it's not the Academy Awards."

PHOTO: Erin McCracken/Evansville Courier & Press