Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"Just When I Thought I Was Out..."

...another 12 to 18 inches is soon to arrive.

As if two two-foot storms in one winter -- the last one just 72 hours ago -- wasn't already enough. And having just dug out yesterday, hopefully this counts as an early start on one's Lenten penance.

As you might imagine, gang, errand-running time has been hard to come by, so expect another "Back Page" to catch up once we're burrowed in again. In the meantime, though, for those of us who like keeping up with the vidstreams, early tonight'll see what should make for an intriguing watch -- a Welcome Mass at Notre Dame for the Irish's freshly-arrived ordinary, Bishop Kevin Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend (stream-link's here, 5.15 Eastern kickoff), while tomorrow in Bluegrass Country brings the arena-style ordination of Bishop-elect Bill Medley of Owensboro, where the stream's already up as flakes have likewise begun to fall.

Lastly for now, another item from the intersection of sports and high-hats: fresh video of Bishop John Barres of Allentown -- a veteran of Princeton's JV squad under the legendary Pete Carril -- conducting a diocesan basketball clinic:

Just six months into his Lehigh Valley ministry (much of it YouTubed), it's not the first time the 49 year-old prelate's called plays -- weeks after his July ordination, Barres popped up in the commentator's booth during a local minor-league ballgame.

That said, Go Quakers.