Friday, February 19, 2010

"He Was Despis├ęd..."

Again, church, hope your Lent's off to a great start... and to that end, another reminder of what our journey's all about.

Admittedly, your narrator was hoping to have another, uniquely moving version of the following up... if only somebody answered the call for help with capturing Flash video. Either way, while watching a certain piece performed in the run-up to Christmas, the idea came to use part of it as a chorus for the Fridays of these 40 Days.

When you're from a part of the world where the Lenten Fridays of life are marked far less by fish-fries than The Stations, this is what happens. That said, its verses taken from Isaiah's prophecy of the Passion, just soak this up for everything it's worth -- even if it's in two parts....

Abstinence and all, gang, a Happy Friday and every blessing of the weekend to one and all.