Friday, February 05, 2010

Before all else, church, Happy Friday and hope you've got a great weekend in store....

'Round here, it's just gonna be more snow. Lots of it.

As some have been asking, there'll be another marathon "Back Page" at some point while the white stuff falls, so for those who won't be able to take part in real-time, feel free to send along whatever questions, comments or stories are on your mind, and I'll do my best to include 'em along the way. As ever, it'll all be waiting for you on-demand whenever you get around to it.

That said, folks have asked if the feed could be scheduled for a regular time so they know when to expect it. In a perfect world, that'd be doable, but hopefully you'll understand why it isn't -- the news-cycle is too unpredictable to keep anything to a schedule... and what's more, the sessions really take a lot of prep: a two-hour session that flows well only does thanks to some 10-12 hours of research, if not more.

For those of you who know, it feels like comps. That's not a complaint, but as with no shortage of other things 'round these parts, it's not as easy to pull off as it might look. The priority is simply to do it right, regardless of how long it takes. Most of all, though, as the response to the feeds has been extremely positive, thanks for that, and if there's any way they could be better still, the inbox is always open for whatever insights you're up to share.

Along those lines, back to brushing up.... In the meanwhile, just know that there is news.

To one and all, hope you're keeping warm and happy in the midst of these cold, short days... and to the especially kind souls who've helped keep the shop afloat -- and allowed this scribe to breathe a whole lot easier in the process -- as ever, no words could say thanks enough.

More soon, gang... as always, stay tuned.