Monday, January 04, 2010

First Monday

Good Monday morning to one and all.

Sure, not much here yet, but the usual feed's being cranked out, so just be a little patient as we get the gears revved up (and, indeed, the kinks smoothed out) after a treat of a Christmas breather, which hopefully you've all likewise been blessed with.

While we're at it, your narrator's got a favor to ask: as we start into another year, I'd like to get your mind on the shape of these pages: what's working for you, what isn't... and maybe, hopefully, whatever ideas you might have for making them better or more useful still. It's always a good thing to change up some stuff and evolve a bit more with the passage of time, but it helps mightily to know what you're looking for, so whatever new comes about might reflect it.

Already, one idea's come up to better keep up on things; see, a lot of questions come in here on one or another story, but oftentimes it's either impossible to get back to the notes or not "prime-time" enough to merit a full post... still, the queries are really fun to tackle and might be of interest to the wider bunch here. So, sometime later this week, you'll see a Floor-esque textfeed come up and I'll be clacking away at the ones I can answer -- we're either going to call this "Office Hours" or "Lightning Round," but either way, feel free to send over whatever you're curious about for when it goes down.

Right now, the Northeast finds itself in Deep Freeze mode, so for those of you in similar straits, hope you're keeping warm wherever you are (and just remember: pitchers and catchers report in six weeks... indeed, there's always hope). And to the Mummerite who wrote from a distance of "suffering deeply without the parade," you're welcome.

Of course, there's no better way to start the year than with the sounds of Broad Street... so here -- from the Winter Classic where Philly always wins -- the first-prize string band drill from Friday's strut, courtesy of the now eight-straight champions:

Happy Monday, folks -- hope your 2010's off to a great start.