Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Back Page

Don't know about where you are, gang, but as it's a frigid Saturday 'round these parts, more snow beginning to fall, later on is looking like high time for another live-feed.

(For those who could use a catch-up, here's the last one... and the one before that.)

To those who won't be seeing it in real-time form, no worries -- as ever, the full fill will remain available in the box below, on-demand for your viewing pleasure. As I'm still getting the feel of it and toying with options, the more practice I get, the better it becomes... well, I hope. And as it continues taking shape, a comfortable name's finally presented itself: "The Back Page" -- an allusion to, well, what it is: a fuller look at the picture with all those things that, due to the volume of news (and, indeed, this scribe's limited energies), are well worth noting, but for whatever reason don't receive the "front page" treatment.

Suffice it to say, the exercise has already proven its utility: it was in the first of these sessions, after all, that the following balloon went up: "B16 could name as many as three coadjutor archbishops on these shores in 2010... even for places larger than one might usually expect...."

It was beyond tempting at the time to say "LArger." But the story wasn't ready for prime time just yet.

Lest anyone didn't get the hint then, now you know.

While we're at it, many thanks to those folks who've sent feedback on Thursday's mega-piece -- that was a month's (and some 1,200 burned-up phone minutes) worth of work, and it's a relief to hear that it wasn't in vain.

More LA buzz in the feed... in the meanwhile, though, with another seismic story on our hands and so many of you looking to this place to cover it not just live, but get it right, it's come time again for the back-office's occasional, yet ever-needed reminder that these pages are brought to you by just one person: you -- and that the feed here can't keep plugging along without your support.

That's the only commercial you'll ever see here -- and for most of us, sure, it's still one too many. Even on a shoestring budget, though, the lights (and, of course, the phone and 'net) need to stay on -- and as we can't really get away with this kind of coverage anywhere else, this work's survival all comes down to what it always has: your helping hand to the famous "guitar case" (located, as ever, just along the right sidebar).

Every blessing and gift of the weekend to one and all -- hope it's going restful where you are, and most of all, that you're keeping warm.

As ever, all thanks to one and all for passing the time here, all the feedback, and all your help keeping the shop afloat.

In a bit, church, away we go again. See you then... and buckle up.