Saturday, December 19, 2009

An Advent Wonderland

To everyone else snowed in on what's usually the busiest shopping day of the year, hope you're hanging in there and not getting cabin fever just yet, because this is gonna take some digging out.

For those checking in from elsewhere, the Northeast is getting walloped with what the weatherfolks tell us is the biggest December storm our part of the world's seen in a half-century -- as much as 20 inches of the white stuff is slated to fall here before it's all said and done, the same in Washington, and up to a foot in New York.

We all love the thought of a White Christmas, sure... when you're a serial procrastinator, though, this is quite the monkey wrench.

Anyways, lest anyone who could use a bit more warmth on a frigid day (or just a bit of background meditation), a musical treat for your Saturday afternoon: a full-length performance of this season's most cherished piece -- Handel's Messiah -- as given earlier in the week at Gotham's Trinity Church on Wall Street:

While we're at it, it's worth highlighting that the historic congregation -- its roots dating to 1696 -- livestreams its entire roster of services, events and concerts, then posts 'em on-demand in perpetuity.

As "come and see" goes, gang, that's a gold standard... and it's one worth imitating on this side of the ecumenical divide.

That said, every blessing of the weekend to one and all... and, well, enjoy the sounds.

PHOTO: Getty