Monday, November 23, 2009

The Turkey Week Slowdown

So, folks, with the balloons preparing to take flight and the turkey-buying frenzy well underway, the scene finds itself pretty quiet at the start of this Thanksgiving week -- and as experience says that when a rare breather presents itself, you take it, your narrator's doing just that.

For what it's worth, I'm still recovering from last week's triple-whammy... lots of e.mails piled up behind the scenes -- and a private briefing for our "sponsors" nearly, finally, finished up and just needing to be sent around -- and that's a project in itself.

Of course, the calm can be broken at any time, so you might not want to completely head for the hills just yet. Seriously, such are the days right now that you never know when something's gonna break... and that reality has made for a pretty wild year, one that's flown by way more quickly than expected.

Hope all's great on your end -- as ever, more as it happens... whenever it starts happening again. 'Til then, a Happy Monday to one and all.

SVILUPPO: (...and now, many more of you know what that means.)

Anyways, the donor-notes are being sent; all the PayPal crowd should have theirs now, but to those who've helped out via snail-mail, please send an email address so it can find its way to you, too.... I'm doing everything I can to be sure no one's left out.

On a newsier note, the bishop of Providence apparently played Hardball earlier tonight in light of l'affaire Kennedy in the Ocean State... video to come as soon as it drops.