Monday, November 23, 2009

Tobin Does the Thunderdome

Amid the recent escalation of his monthlong public dispute with Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy given the latter's pro-abortion rights stance and panning of the church's engagement in the health-care reform debate, Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence made his highest-profile media turn to date, appearing on MSNBC's Hardball earlier tonight.

Be advised that, as the segment begins with a clip of the (in)famous "Houston speech" given by the eight-term Democrat's uncle during his historic run for the Presidency, Chris Matthews' intended trajectory presents itself even before he starts yelling....

That said, here below, the fullvid:

On the bright side, when was the last time you heard "Your Excellency" used on big-time TV?

And, well, let the reactions begin.

SVILUPPO: Of course, the above didn't take terribly long....

In a quickly-penned response to the faceoff, the widely-circulated Deacon Keith Fournier's headline says it all: "Matthews should be fired."