Monday, November 09, 2009

Orders: Void... Mitres: Valid

Given that it's only been 113 years since Pope Leo XIII declared Anglican orders "absolutely null and utterly void," a quick read of the "complementary norms" for Anglicanorum coetibus reveals what is, quite possibly, the most extraordinary concession of all:
Former Anglican Bishops

Article 11...

§3. A [married] former Anglican Bishop [ordained a Catholic priest -- not a bishop] who belongs to the Ordinariate may be invited to participate in the meetings of the Bishops’ Conference of the respective territory, with the equivalent status of a retired bishop.

§4. A former Anglican Bishop who belongs to the Ordinariate and who has not been ordained as a bishop in the Catholic Church, may request permission from the Holy See to use the insignia of the episcopal office. [emphasis added]
To reiterate: this is envisioned in the case of a (married) former Anglican bishop who hasn't been appointed ordinary in his respective jurisdiction and is, in Catholic terms, a simple priest.

Long story short: B16 wants Anglican bishops -- high-hats, wives and all.