Saturday, November 14, 2009

Meet the Press, Appointment Saturday Edition

With Bishop Kevin Rhoades' introductory press conference in Fort Wayne now completed, fullvideo's up and streaming on-demand.

Meanwhile, the Beer City got its first taste of Archbishop-elect Jerome Listecki as the sharp, animated Milwaukee appointee -- who seems to enjoy mixing it up -- held his first presser at St Francis Seminary, likewise viewable in full thanks to the local NBC affiliate.

Once Listecki lands in his new charge, keep an eye -- if this morning's any indicator, the marriage should make for fireworks, and some interesting ones at that.

On a chessboard note, of the 13 Stateside archbishops now named by B16 since his 2005 election, the Milwaukee appointment brings the number of suffragans tapped to lead their current province to five. Throw in the two native sons who returned home as archbishop, and the long-frame trend reflects a slight edge for those already well-familiar with what they're coming into.

With LaCrosse and Harrisburg's bishops now assigned elsewhere, the number of vacant Stateside sees (Latin-rite) now rises to seven, with another seven led by ordinaries serving past the retirement age of 75.

And lastly for now, for those wondering how rare these Saturday rollouts are, consider this: there've only been three in the last decade... and never two at once.

PHOTO: Gary Porter/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel