Thursday, November 05, 2009

At Summer's End

Sure, there's still an election post -- and tons else -- to get to... but first, as some folks out there have probably been waiting all morning for a concession of a different sort, here goes:

Congrats to Yankee Nation -- for the 27th time, World Champions of Baseball.

Clearly, the papal magic from the old House rubbed off on the new one.... But to all the Phils fans out there, old and new, no need to despair -- we're blessed to be living in a golden era for the Phightins, the likes of which this team and this town has never before seen.

No, it wasn't enough to get us over the top again, but when your team is the losingest franchise in the history of professional sport, a years-long run like this -- three division pennants, two NL titles and a World Series win -- can't be considered anything but a taste of Heaven.

We'll be back next year... but in the meantime, to everyone up the Turnpike, enjoy the feeling and the tickertape... and, well, how bout them Birds?

Indeed, gang, there's always something to be happy about.

PHOTO: Reuters