Monday, November 09, 2009

Anglicanorum Coetibus

Three weeks after the Vatican announced a canonical framework to integrate groups of disaffected Anglicans seeking to swim the Tiber into the Roman fold, the full context of the plan came into view this morning with the release of Anglicanorum coetibus ("Groups of Anglicans"), the apostolic constitution on the "personal ordinariates" that will be provided for as needed, creating a de facto "Anglican rite" within the Catholic church.

Along with the principal text, the Holy See published additional norms, a press release and canonical commentary, all of which is viewable through the provided links to the Vatican's website.

* * *
On a programming note, barring especially significant developments (like the above), expect the next week to be a fairly quiet one 'round these parts; with the beginning of the US bishops' November Meeting in Baltimore a week from today, there's a good bit of last-minute prepping to do, not to mention simply resting up before four 16-hour days of input overload.

Beyond that, a week before her 93rd, the Boss was rushed to the hospital late in the weekend, so the most important front of all needs tending to these next couple days.

As always, stay tuned... but 'til the next thing breaks, please keep a place for us in your prayers, and all thanks to that end.