Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Terce Briefing

Nope, no day off here -- haven't had one of those in a good while.

To everyone who's pitched in to keep these pages plugging along, a world of thanks... and then some.

Breathing easy? Not yet... but, gratefully, getting there. In the meantime, it's always really comforting to find a hearty helping of good friends and familiar names in the prima fila, joined by some very sweet first-timers. Know how much it means; please, if nothing else, just keep me in your prayers, and to one and all, a huge, huge debt of thanks.

That said, the work continues... and the third hour brings the sound, not of church bells, but an Appointment Alarm, said to be imminent. So as things shift into Trackdown Mode, just remember that you won't find anything like this anywhere else... God knows we couldn't get away with any of this anywhere else... and that's probably why the number at the bottom of the page is what it is.

Hump Day tidings to one and all -- all thanks again, more as it gets firmed up... and, well, back to it.