Thursday, October 08, 2009

Quote of the Day

I don’t like to look back, I look forward. As Scripture says, I have only done what I was supposed to do, and maybe even that has not been enough. The purpose is not to create memorials to oneself but always to give honor and glory to God. Whatever has been accomplished has only been because of his good grace.
--Michael Angelo Saltarelli
Eighth Bishop of Wilmington (1995-2008)

Admitted to hospice last weekend, Bishop Mickey went home at 1.30 this morning. May he rest in blessed peace... and find a Boston Market ready and waiting with mashed potatoes.

Funeral arrangements have been announced, culminating in a 1pm Mass next Wednesday.

For fuller coverage, both the Delaware diocese's Dialog and the First State's paper of record, Wilmington's News-Journal, have published extensive special sections.

SVILUPPO: "Faith is reason that has become courageous" -- for a brilliant, elegant summary of the essence of Mick, the vigil homily of one of his twin vicars-general, Msgr Tom Cini, especially stands out... luckily, it's available in fullaudio.

PHOTO: William Bretzger/The News-Journal